Wednesday, January 03, 2007

40 Democrats voted to ban same-sex marriage in Massachusetts

An interesting little factoid that I had to come up with by manually counting the votes myself (since the mainstream gay press will NEVER report on something like this) is:

Of the 62 votes to advance the Massachusetts constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage (50 were required), 40 were Democrats. Only 22 were Republicans. In other words, the Republicans alone could not have advanced this amendment.

But Democrats retained unflinching support from groups like MassEquality, whose Campaign Director Marc Solomon publicly thanked Senate President Travaglini, "as Senate President he led a fair process" (Travaglini was one of the 40 votes in favor of the ban). Given this single-minded support of Democrats as the sole path to marriage equality, one would think that Massachusetts Democrats are overwhelmingly pro-equality.

They aren't.