Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Progress is hard work, but it pays off

Thanks to the increasing profile of the LP due to your hard work in the field (and a compelling slate of Libertarian candidates in the last several elections) The Advocate has devoted significant attention to the libertarian movement and its principal entity, the Libertarian Party, within the LGBT movement this election cycle.

While the article was originally intended to discuss a Republican candidacy, it delves into a surprisingly detailed examination of LGBTQ issues from a Libertarian perspective and cites Outright's Chair Rob Power, ensuring that the libertarian voice on gay issues is clearly heard.

“The LP offers an uncompromising stance on equal rights regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity -- with sexual rights in the Libertarian platform for more than three decades,” says Rob Power, who chairs Outright Libertarians

In these uncertain political times, where gay people are a bloc to be bought, sold and traded within the cynical politics of old-party primaries, it's refreshing to see principle and equality under the law brought to to the table. As always, Libertarians will tirelessly fight to defend the rights of all people under the law, without compromise.