Friday, February 03, 2006

Are Gays Too Hot for the Democrats to Handle?

It's possible that the Democrats are trying to distance themselves from GLBT issues, notes this article from the Washington Blade.

Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean has abolished the Democratic Party’s constituent outreach desks, including the post of director of lesbian and gay outreach.
. . .
Until last week, when contacted by the Blade, the DNC Gay & Lesbian Americans Caucus and the National Stonewall Democrats, a group representing gay Democrats with affiliated chapters throughout the country, had not publicly acknowledged or expressed an opinion on Dean’s decision to eliminate the gay outreach desk position.

Seems Outright's Democratic counterpart, the Stonewall Democrats, either don't know what to make of the news, or are diplomatically biting their tongues so they don't say what they are really thinking.

But what can one expect from someone capable of this kind of double-talk:

Dean carried his message of opposition to gay marriage into his role as DNC chair last February, after winning the post at the party’s annual winter meeting in Washington, D.C. At the time, Dean told the Associated Press that the Democratic Party is "not for gay marriage," although it has always and continues to believe "in equal rights under the law for all people."

Perhaps some GLBT Democrats will see the light and come over to the Party of Principle, where gay rights are not subject to being blown away by the prevailing political wind.