Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Outright Loves (and Hates) the Boy Scouts

Well, we don't think much of their leadership, in any case.

Outright Libertarians sided with the Boy Scouts of America when their freedom of association was threatened. But when they try to use the courts to get a government handout, we have to draw the line. Here's the year 2000 case . . .

Though Outright Libertarians discourages the type of discrimination exhibited by the Boy Scouts in kicking Dale [a gay man] out, Outright agreed with the Boy Scouts that the First Amendment provisions of freedom of speech and association rightly prevent the government from forcing the Boy Scouts to accept Dale into their organization.

But in 2006 we find the Sea Scouts are suing about this . . .

[The city of Berkeley is] removing a financial subsidy—of somewhat questionable propriety in the first place—on the legal and very reasonable grounds that the taxpayers of Berkeley should not be forced to fund something that is discriminatory.

Read the entire press release, here.