Friday, August 04, 2006

IGF - ‘Beyond Marriage’ — to Nowhere

This is a very good article, explaining why marriage equality is, and should continue to be, our highest priority in LGBT advocacy:

Independent Gay Forum - ‘Beyond Marriage’ — to Nowhere

But even better than the article is the set of comments afterwards, which shows just how boggling the thought processes are of those who put socialism before equal rights:

My point is that FIRST we need to provide for those in need in our community, whether through the private sector or the government. I don't care. I'd rather give homeless folks a community land trust to live in, with a living wage job. But that ain't going to happen anytime soon. Some of us are working on it here and we've managed to establish a land trust for a building of Chinese immigrants who were about to be evicted. We are currently working on a land trust for a building of low-income people with AIDS.

In the meantime, homeless and poor folks have to eat and have shelter. That's the bottom line. So bringing food to them is vital, even as we struggle to find the permanently affordable housing controlled by the tenants, even as we push to enforce our city's living wage laws and expand them to include every job, even as we win universal healthcare for all San Franciscans (which we just did). The latter was from a radical queer supervisor, Tom Ammiano, though our centrist mayor is now traking credit for it. Thanks to him, every person in SF, homeless or housed, will have access to healthcare!

Many of us Socialist types are doing more than handouts.
-- tommi avicolli mecca | August 4, 2006, 1:29pm

That last sentence implies that the laundry list of wealth redistribution schemes right before it are anything other than "handouts." When the person you're debating is that clueless, how on earth can you carry on an intelligent debate?