Tuesday, August 22, 2006

These People Want To Run Our Lives For Us?!?

The typical Libertarian position on issues such as government defining and regulating one's family is quite simple -- that's a job for individuals, who define their relationships and living arrangements in mutually-agreeable terms.

However, it is often instructive to examine the character and practices of those who designate themselves morally superior, who seek to use government power to marginalize gay families, and who present themselves as experts in "family relations."
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The Advocate offers this intriguing news snippet on Republican Randall Terry:

Randall Terry, a leading conservative Christian, doesn't run away from "family values issues" in his Florida state Senate race, but his gay son, Jamiel, says things are not what they seem. Among the senior Terry's pledges are preserving traditional marriage and opposing adoptions by gays. He has touted efforts to stop abortions. His campaign mailers sum up the value he puts on family: they show a picture with his wife, a daughter, and three grinning young sons taken before a fourth was born this summer.

But Jamiel, Terry's adopted son, says the picture is missing two people: him and his sister Tila, also adopted. Both have been estranged from Terry since Jamiel came out as a gay man and Tila had a child out of wedlock.

So a man who seeks political power to "save the families" of the nation -- and micromanage them from a position of governmental authority -- has failed at his parenting duties to the point where he doesn't consider two of his kids to be his kids (at least from a campaign perspective).

"Redefining traditional family" indeed! Perhaps Mr. Terry and those who agree with him should focus more on their own family values rather than attempting to impose them upon other families. Most gay parents, after all, love all of their children.