Sunday, September 03, 2006

George Phillies for President

It appears that there will be a bumper crop of Presidential hopefuls from the Libertarian Party this year. This short comment focuses on George Phillies, who announced early and has a respectable campaign web site already up and running. Outright Libertarians are glad to see that he has posted the following statement on his issues page:
The Federal government has no business regulating marriage. The Defense of Marriage Act and other similar Federal Laws and executive orders should be repealed. On the same line, there is no legitimate military interest in the sexual inclinations of soldiers, sailors, or airmen, and military regulations on this topic should be repealed.
While we know from past experience that Mr. Phillies thoroughly believes in these principles, we hope it won't be too immodest if Outright Libertarians take some credit for persuading his campaign to post this statement so conspicuously on his web site.