Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Government Homophobia Strikes Again

This story of a gay couple having their business targeted by a homophobic mayor is instructive of why big government, on any level, is a bad idea. Democrats who favor big government say we need it to protect the vulnerable -- but here it is harming a vulnerable minority, gay men. Republicans say that big government should be shifted from the federal government to state and local levels -- where it can abuse citizens just as effectively.

According to witnesses, Mayor Tom Strom said that he was “tired of the two faggots down the street, and if I don’t start getting the support of the ones here, I am going to resign.”


Mangum said that he and Mellott did brisk business at the fairs during the two previous summers. They outsold the competition, he said, because of the high quality of the burgers, fries and ice cream that they peddled from their trailer. But their success was perceived as a threat, he explained, and the fact that they were gay raised some eyebrows. “This year, when we went to get our vendor’s license, we were told we weren’t welcome so that other people could sell food.”

We say it's time for this sort of thing to end, and we know just the party to end it.