Saturday, November 25, 2006

McCain Out of Touch With Arizona Voters

Republican John McCain, the presidential contender, missed the boat on Arizona proposition 107, which would have banned same-sex marriage in the state. From a column in the Arizona Daily Star:
Prop. 107 was the first ballot query of its kind in the nation to fail, and McCain was held up as an endorser of the measure and of its architect, Len Munsil, who ran for governor as a Republican.
And just in case you still don't understand how your rights might fare under a McCain administration, McCain drives the point home:
I just want to point out again: I believe that gay marriage should not be legal. OK?
Libertarians are given substantial credit for the defeat of prop. 107 in the column. So, if you want marriage equality, you had better not support McCain and the Republicans. And, our previous posts here, here and here make it pretty clear you had better not support Pelosi and the Democrats, either.

With the Libertarian Party, our equal legal rights come first, even if one happens to be an LGB or T person. Vote for your Libertarian candidates, and eventually the Democrats will come to understand that they can't just count on getting our votes, while deliving nothing in return; the Republican party will be forced to come to terms with its libertarian wing, relegating the social conservative agenda to where it belongs (the hind teat). Plus, you never know, in a few years we may even elect some partisan Libertarian candidates who would fight for our rights in the legislature in person.