Monday, November 13, 2006

Our Best Opportunity. . . Ever

The mainstream press is focusing on the election as a rout over Iraq -- especially in the overseas media. And while Iraq was a factor, it wasn't the largest by any means -- it was corruption. Libertarian Party strength in Senate elections, meanwhile, managed to peel off a sizable contingent of homeless libertarian Republicans -- handing the Democrats Senate victories and the margin they needed to win in the Senate (no mention of this, of course, by Democrats).

The tone-deaf far left in the Democratic Party is ecstatic over the wins and are positioning the Democratic Party to push forward profoundly unpopular policies. At the same time, the gay rights vote that the Democratic Party claimed as its birthright is being tossed on the ash heap of recent history.

Recent statements by Hillary Clinton (already blogged about here), dissembling by Democratic apologists in the media (especially the blogosphere), and party leadership commentary have already told gay people that the best we can expect is a half-hearted opposition to super-anti-gay laws proposed by the religious right. You know, the religious right which was just tromped!

What does all this mean? It means we can expect the Democratic Party to race to the left as fast as they can scurry. We can expect an expanded socialist medical system, spending increases (and massive tax increases to "balance the budget"), economic protectionism dragging down our knowledge economy to protect the dying unionized base of the old Democratic coalition, greater central government intervention in education, job-crushing wage regulations, etc.

In short, Democrats are going to give the American people a whole lot of what they DIDN'T vote for -- a slow economy, high taxes, protectionism that will damage our jobs engine, and health-care waiting lines. They aren't likely to give Americans what they DID vote for -- reduced corruption, a real plan on Iraq, commitments to roll back legislation like the USA PATRIOT Act, significant investigations into the conduct of the Bush Administration, or even civil union recognition (though they may pass a token piece of symbolic legislation like ENDA to continue their efforts to pretend they "sacrifice" for GLBT folk).

Now, which party is in the best position to oppose these positions and articulate an America with a strong economy, lower taxes, smaller government, a budget balanced through thrift rather than punitive taxation, free trade, a real commitment to civil liberties in America, a real foreign policy alternative, and a proposal for healthcare (Project Healthy Choice) that will offer lower costs and greater availability?

Not the Republicans. They're busy nursing their wounds and liquidating their libertarian wing, many of whom are coming home to the Libertarian Party.

The answer is us. Only Libertarians will be able to hold the Democrats' feet to the fire on gay rights, the economy, taxes, civil liberties and the role of government. That means not just LP candidates, officeholders and staffers -- it means you and me. Let's take our fantastic election 2006 momentum and continue to make the case for American values -- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL people.