Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Americans Aren't As Dumb As Democrats Seem To Think. . .

Approval ratings for Congress are back down to their old abysmal levels already:

The modest uptick in approval of the job being done by Congress has dissipated for the most part after only two months. Congress job approval had risen over the last two months after the Democrats took over control of Congress in early January -- fueled in large part by a jump in approval among rank and file Democrats. This month, however, Congress job approval is back down to levels quite similar to where it was in 2006.

Since Democrats obviously aren't planning on delivering on their not-quite-promises to LGBT Americans, but the situation has changed, perhaps we can suggest some new memes for them to repeat when confronted on their lousy records?

Here are a few:

1) "Now is not the time, our approval rating is too low." (A new twist on a favorite standby).

2) "We have to focus on winning Congress again, we cannot allow the issues to hurt us further." (This one was popular before, look for a resurgence in popularity)

3) "The American people are counting on us to deliver on other priorities." (A useful meme, except that the Democrats' emphasis on non-binding resolutions and avoidance of issues including LGBT ones, probably contributed to the present American malaise over Congress's performance).

4) "We're too busy answering HRC's scripted softball questions behind closed doors to answer your tough questions on the issues that are most important to LGBT Americans." (Well, I suppose a blogger can dream, can't he?)