Thursday, March 08, 2007

HRC Does It Again

HRC Watch notes that yet another disappointed HRC Democratic supporter writes to relay his experience with a recent "pro-gay Democrat":

At the event, I told him how I was led to his campaign by HRC and the links to sites supporting Democrats running in close races all over the country. I also told Jerry I understood they had a lot of important things to do when he gets to Washington, and that I understood the Democrats had to play to the center until 2008. Then I said, "But I hope that when the time comes, you will not forget that my partner Juan and I are also a family," as I reached out my hand to shake his.

What happened next stopped me in my tracks. It happened in a split second; his smile faded; his eyes hardened; his grip stiffened. And he said, simply, "I'm afraid I'll have to let my conscience be my guide in those issues."

I have seen that look dozens of times from others. His implication was clear. We cannot count on Jerry McNerney to stand up for LGBT equality.

I feel like a fool for assuming that because he is a Democrat he would support us. I am so disappointed. If the time ever comes to vote on a constitutional amendment banning Juan and I from getting married in the U.S., I believe it is clear how Congressman-elect McNerney will vote.

Sadly, it's a feeling that GLBT Democrats and GLBT supporters of Democrats know only too well. . . not to mention a feeling that's a lot rarer for GLBT Libertarians and GLBT supporters of Libertarians.