Monday, June 04, 2007

Empty Democratic "Support" Redux

Today, let's look at another major LGBTQ issue being debated by Democrats -- ending the military's anti-gay ban.

The Advocate reports that:

In their debate Sunday night in Manchester, New Hampshire, Democratic presidential candidates clashed on Iraq and over the security of the country since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks—but they were united in their opposition to "don't ask, don't tell."

So, being a facts-based sort of fellow, yours truly went sniffing around the vote page again to see if the Democrats were taking this opportunity to put their money where their mouths were. After all, you'd think that with ending the anti-gay ban being a mainstream position supported by a supermajority of the populace, this would be a no-brainer -- especially for "supportive Democrats."

Unfortunately, once again, you'd be wrong.

To his credit, Congressman Dennis Kucinich once again sits as a co-sponsor of Meehan's bill in the House. (And once again, "supportive" House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is missing in action).

All the other Democrats who are presently Senators couldn't be bothered to introduce the bill in the Senate, despite their "strong support." So once again, their "strong support" means zilch, zero, bupkis, nada.

None of the Senators seeking the Democratic nomination -- not Hillary Clinton, nor Barack Obama, nor Christopher Dodd, nor Joe Biden -- has stepped up to introduce the bill in the Senate. Also conspicuously missing is Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid.

Here's a question to make do-nothing Democrats and their supporters squirm -- if the Democratic "leadership" and those seeking the presidency won't introduce the bill today, when they have the power (and solid majority) to do so, why are we to believe they'll make things happen later?