Saturday, June 02, 2007

If you blink, you'll miss it

The Human Rights Campaign has announced that all of the announced Democratic Party candidates support equal treatment of same-sex couples (with the exception of the word "marriage").

That sounds wonderful. And if I had any faith whatsoever that the eventual nominee will stick to this position, I'd be ecstatic. But as Bill Clinton proved in 1992, a Democrat pandering for gay votes can't be trusted to honor their campaign promises if elected. So, go ahead and download a copy of the HRC questionnaire, because once the primary is over, the DNC nominee will abandon these pro-equality positions, and HRC will bury the story.

Note, however, that even with what HRC calls "groundbreaking" support for same-sex couples, the Democrats (with the exception of Kucinich) are still behind the leading Libertarian candidates on the issue of equal marriage. It's great to see the Democrats making progress (at least in their rhetoric) on LGBT issues, but they still haven't caught up with the Libertarians.