Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Big government is a threat to LGBT equality

Once again, we've had another example of why big government, whether socialist, communist, or fascist, is a threat to LGBT people. When Russian police helped nationalists attack gays in Moscow, it showed that only strong constitutional protections of individual rights will lead to LGBT equality. Some comments over at Towleroad whined that the problem is that Russia isn't a democracy. But that's missing the point. If a democratic vote were held today in Russia on gay rights, the treatment of LGBT people there would be a whole lot worse than bloody noses and black eyes.

Our community needs to wake up and figure out that we are a biologically determined permanent minority of less than 1/10 of the population. Given that fact, we can't rely on big government, whether autocratic or democratic, to protect us. Our best strategy is to pursue an agenda of minimizing government and maximizing individual rights and responsibilities for all people, so that our own government, funded by our own tax dollars, can't be used to abuse us.