Thursday, May 17, 2007

You can't make this stuff up

I honestly thought when I first saw this that a joke in The Onion had mistakenly been taken seriously by the mainstream press.

So what's next after ENDA?

Legislation would expand law to protect short, fat people -

During the state government tobacco lawsuits, libertarians warned that fast food would be next, and liberals denied it. Within a year of the multi-state tobacco settlement, the movie "Supersize Me" went after McDonald's, and the lawsuits started almost immediately.

Libertarians have been saying that there's no end in sight to the list of "special" groups that will demand to be added to the federal non-discrimination list after ENDA adds sexual orientation and gender identity. Again, liberals are denying it, but this new law to include height and weight as "protected classes" in Massachusetts seems to contradict their claims.