Thursday, May 24, 2007

MassEquality recognizes Liberty more important than Democracy (finally)

For years, as a member of the MassEquality coalition, Outright Libertarians has been trying to advance the idea that Liberty is more important than Democracy.

But because the MassEquality coalition is dominated by left-wing groups who put "the will of the people" above all else, this message has been all but ignored.

Until now.

MassEquality recently unveiled their "It's Wrong to Vote on Rights" campaign, complete with nicely done TV ads.

Now, do we expect MassEquality and its mostly-liberal supporters to take this same position the next time Libertarians oppose a tax or regulation like eminent domain in Massachusetts? Of course not. Because they don't really mean "It's wrong to vote on ALL rights." For them, property rights don't count.

But despite this, and other outrages like supporting anti-marriage Democrat Sean Curran over pro-marriage Libertarian Bob Underwood in last year's election, I have to say that these TV ads are good, and they (unintentionally) send a strong libertarian message. So, I'm sending MassEquality a donation to get these ads on the air. You should do the same.

Besides, won't it be cool the next time we do a Libertarian campaign to oppose some state regulation or tax, and use an identical format for our TV ads? It will be difficult for the lefties to demonize Libertarians as "arch-conservatives" when our own ads are eerily similar to theirs.