Sunday, March 02, 2008

Democrats Gay-Baiting (Again)

Remember the outrage from Democrats at the GOP's old "Hillary Clinton is a lesbian?" buzz?

It was scurrilous and baseless homophobia, gay-baiting at its worst, Democrats told us. And they were right -- it was.

Too bad that the Democrats themselves, through one of their largest lobby groups, are now gay-baiting Republicans:

"Marriage of convenience!" Tee hee. Get it? The targeted Republicans must be big old yucky queers! Ewwwwwww!

Those clever Democrats.


Regardless of what one thinks of McConnell and Cho's policies (Libertarians certainly aren't fans), the Democratic Party's willingness to engage in immature gay-baiting (and their partisan gay apologists' immature glee for such tactics) should serve to remind LGBT voters that Democrats simply cannot be trusted on gay issues.

Not only will they not take chances or risk political capital to advance equality under the law; not only will they be instrumental supporters of the anti-gay military policy, the DOMA and key supporters of the recent failed anti-gay marriage amendment in Congress; but they'll advocate segregation through "civil unions" and readily exploit high school homophobia to get cheap laughs from their base.

The best thing queer voters can do with these high-school kids is withhold their lunch money and send them to their rooms for a few election cycles.