Saturday, March 29, 2008

Howard Dean Foot-In-Mouth Disease Strikes Again

Howard Dean just cannot seem to take Abraham Lincoln's advice on speaking. It's as though he's continuously compelled by some cosmic force to "remove all doubt."

Consider his latest swipe at the Republicans:

"They can't become more diverse," Dean said at a speech at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Tuesday. "Who in their right mind, if they were African-American or Hispanic or Asian-American, if they were gay or lesbian, would join the Republican Party?"

This quote was apparently enough to motivate Log Cabin Republicans' Patrick Sammon to take a break from his abortive modeling career to angrily decry Dean's commentary:

"It’s unfortunate that the chairman of the Democratic Party would rather divide people than engage in a thoughtful debate about policy ideas or a vision for our country’s future."

Now far be it for us to defend the GOP, whose anti-gay record is indisputable to all but the most partisan Republican Party hack, but once again, Howard Dean has stuck his foot in his mouth.

After all, it's pretty crazy to be a gay Democrat these days too.

Their chief of staff is sending pricey lawyers to threaten the gay press for covering the DNC's anti-gay activities.

Their two front runners for the presidential election are both opposed to UAFA as written, marriage equality, taxation equality, and equality in law enforcement. On the few issues where they do take a pro-gay stance, such as military service, they have consistently refused to sponsor or co-sponsor legislation on the issue.

Howard Dean embarrassed himself with an earlier foot-in-mouth disease outbreak on Pat Robertson's anti-gay 700 Club, bashing gay marriage and pandering to anti-gay right-wingers for votes.

And on and on it goes.

So once again, Howard embarrasses himself and his employer by more or less declaring "the Republicans get an F- on gay issues, while Democrats have a much better record with a mere F!"

Perhaps when Kenneth Cole finish with their Log Cabin Republican line of shoes, they could create a new line for Howard Dean Democrats -- flavored shoes. After all, Dean has become quite the frequent connoisseur when it comes to tasting his own foot -- perhaps he'd appreciate some variety!