Monday, February 25, 2008

Tasty Log Cabin Republican Delicacies

Your faithful blogger took notice of a recent Log Cabin Republican press release noting the latest poster child for pricey shoe vendor Kenneth Cole -- LCR's president Patrick Sammon.

LCR has recently engaged in a feverish yet predictable rush to apologize for anti-gay John McCain's dismal record. While we understand that the awful McCain is, at this point, a shoe-in for the GOP nomination, we believe that he and his supporters are rather soleless and decidedly less straight-laced than they pretend to be.

Hopefully, Kenneth Cole's embrace of the new Deluded Log Cabin Republican segment of the market will go beyond a single advertisement and will result in exciting new product lines. Outright Libertarians would like to suggest the following prototype as a fantastic starting point for the new Log Cabin Republican line of loafers:

Snazzy! And given Log Cabin's history over the last several months, we hope the shoes are edible, or at least flavored. After all, queer Republicans are often inserting their feet into their mouths these days.