Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday Primary Reminder

For all those folks in Super Tuesday primary states, we just wanted to remind you that Outright Libertarians has endorsed George Phillies for the Libertarian Party nomination for President. Our original blog post about the endorsement is here:

But, in a nutshell, of the three candidates who scored perfectly on Outright's scorecard, Dr. Phillies has the most well-organized, consistently active campaign, and he has always voiced support for full equality for LGBT people and other minority groups. He alone stayed true to his Libertarian principles even when talking to those who had chosen to support a certain Republican this year.

Best of all, he has been a complete gentleman during his entire campaign, believing that spreading manure is the right way to grow a garden, but the wrong way to grow the Libertarian Party. It's really too bad that the Communications Director for one of the other campaigns chose to become fertilizer-happy on the eve of Super Tuesday. The smell of it certainly won't wash off of his boss in time for the state and national conventions.