Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Equality Wins Primaries

Three states held Libertarian primaries on Super Tuesday tonight. And all three states underscored how equality under the law is fundamental not only to the Libertarian base, but to performing well in elections.

In Arizona, Outright's endorsed candidate George Phillies won the support of the most registered Libertarians who showed up to vote.

In California, Christine Smith won the largest proportion of support.

And in Missouri, Wayne Allyn Root took home the gold.

While the Libertarian "primaries" are non-binding, and our ultimate candidate will be chosen at our national convention in Denver, it's very informative to note that all three of the winners are much stronger on LGBT rights than any of the Democrats and Republicans, and none of the FEC-registered candidates who refused to answer Outright's survey got significant support.

Finally, those who put their hopes behind a sorta-"libertarian" Republican with a terrible record on LGBT issues watched today as said candidate not only posted horrendous results in his party's primary, but couldn't even defeat a pro-war right-wing populist Mike Huckabee in Massachusetts. Once again, "compromising" on equality under the law led another "compromise candidate" to defeat, even in a place where the electorate is largely sympathetic with the rest of the candidate's platform.

Log Cabin Republicans' old motto used to be "Inclusion wins." But as the Libertarian winners and Republican losers are learning from tonight's results, the reality is that "Equality Under The Law Wins."

As tonight's pre-electoral results indicate, there's only one party that will deliver that to LGBT voters, and it ain't the GOP or Democrats.