Thursday, February 14, 2008

We're Not Asking For Much -- Just Don't Lie

Outright's blog doesn't allow anonymous posts, due to the high proliferation of spam and anonymous unverified comments that are posted by partisans from all sides. We figure that since all of us publish our views under our own names, the least we can ask from those who blog here as commenters is the same courtesy.

However, one of the bits of anonymous comments from one Democratic Party partisan leapt out at me -- I post it here for your enlightenment. It's quite revealing:

LGBT legislation is not a priority for most lawmakers
because it is not a priority for most voters.

We at Outright couldn't agree more -- Democrats aren't known for doing what's right, since they have no principles beyond "governing by the polls."

We're just asking them to be honest about it and tell gay voters "your priorities are not our priorities," rather than lying to us every election cycle about "plans" to reverse the anti-gay military ban or end DOMA that never come even close to fruition (despite endless promises).

(Incidentally, one has to wonder whether plans to rename federal buildings, test ketchup viscosity, or legalize Super Bowl games shown in churches are "a priority for most voters." We doubt it -- but it's certainly a more important priority for Democrats. Those bills, after all, got voted on and passed.)

We think that politicians should earn your vote and those of your family. Democrats (and Republicans) seem to think they're entitled to your vote to the same degree that they're entitled to spend your income on programs that marginalize you and your family -- and if you don't like it, tough.