Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Morey Straus for New Hampshire State Reprsentative, Hillsborough District 11

We're proud to support Morey Straus for New Hampshire State Reprsentative, Hillsborough District 11. His survey answers:

1. Yes, I oppose discrimination in all government employment.
2. I believe government has no legitimate authority to regulate marriage, and will work to repeal all laws pertaining to marriage. However, as an interim effort, I will support changing the law to allow marriage for all people.
3. I would support such efforts to combat discriminatory actions by government, but would prefer to seek them as described in question 2.
4. Yes, I am opposed to elevating the rights of some people over others based on personal beliefs, regardless of how offensive I may find those beliefs.
5. Yes, I support freedom of association, and am opposed to all government regulation.
6. Yes, I will oppose efforts to introduce anti-LGBTQ sentiments into the government school curriculum.
7. I support allowing greater choices in health insurance, and have made it a core message of my campaign.
8. There is no office or staff associated with the office of NH State Representative.
9. Yes, I fully support the rights of all people to keep and bear arms.
10. Yes, I will support the rights of all parents to maintain custody of their children.
11. As a Libertarian, I support the rights of individuals and families to live peaceably, without interference from government. The Libertarian LGBTQ community should consider me a solid ally in the fight for individual liberty.