Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pity the poor confused Log Cabin Republicans

You've got to hand it to the Log Cabin Republicans. They are tenacious and don't give up easily. No matter how often their party slams them, insults them, kicks them, slanders them, assaults them, disses them, spits in their faces, key-scratches their cars, calls for their imprisonment/execution, throws them out of their jobs, returns their campaign donations, or throws them out of its party events, they keep coming back with a "thank you, sir, may I have another?"

Now, we at Outright are not ones to criticize the peculiar proclivities of partisan Republican LGBT people. We believe in a world of individual choices, including the choice to support people who absolutely hate you and wish you were dead. Who knows -- perhaps Log Cabin serves a function as a political organization for the more masochistic element of the community.

That said, we do have to shake our heads in wonder at LCR's apparent schizophrenia.

On one hand, Log Cabin is joining Outright Libertarians and the Stonewall Democrats in working against California's anti-gay Proposition 8. Good for them!

On the other hand, Log Cabin Republicans have endorsed homophobic bigot John McCain for president. John McCain endorsed Proposition 8 and had this to say of the Log Cabin Republicans (and all other gay people):

the right of the people of California to recognize marriage as a unique institution sanctioning the union between a man and a woman

In other words, McCain has just rewarded LCR for their endorsement with a steel-toed boot to the groin, at high velocity.

And Log Cabin Republicans have responded with a whimper and "thank you sir, may I have another" yet again.

LCR likes to argue that it stands as a voice for tolerance in the GOP. But so long as they're willing to be stooges to the hate-filled bigots in their party leadership, while making token efforts to stand up for LGBT Americans, your faithful blogger bets that most gay people will continue to view them as the world's kinkiest political masochists.