Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ruth E. Bennett for Washington State House of Representatives District 37, Position 2

Outright Libertarians are PROUD, THRILLED and ECSTATIC to support our own National Vice-Chair, Ruth Bennett, for Washington State House of Representatives District 37, Position 2!

Her survey results follow:

1. I would willingly sponsor legislation to repeal DADT in the Washington State National Guard.

2. While Washington has some inroads towards marriage equality, we are still not equal. I have spoken to legislators and to the press pointing out that while second class rights are better than no rights at all, that the Democrats (who have majorities in both the state house and senate AND the governor's mansion) have not done their job by repealing the state's DOMA. Shame on them and I would love to be the legislator to introduce a repeal of DOMA here which is the only thing keeping marriage equality from our community (per our state's Supreme Court).

3. I absolutely would work for tax fairness regardless of sexual orientation or gender. The fact the LGBTQ people have such a disproportionate tax burden is unconscionable. Taxes at all levels should be cut and those left applied equally.

4. Punishing or additionally punishing people for their thoughts is so dangerous and I would introduce and support legislation eliminating hate crimes.

5. The first suit filed in Washington under an ENDA type law was a straight, unmarried couple suing to get partnership benefits. What too many LGBTQ folks realize is that ENDA type laws means that LGBTQ people can't hire just other LGBTQ people. I was looking into some co-housing with some friends and the biggest problem our attorney warned us about was limiting our housing to just lesbians! I do not support ENDA type laws.

6. I do not support government mandated discrimination of any sort and would refuse to implement such bigotry.

7. Few people understand that mandates increase the cost of insurance to everyone. I do not support mandates that price insurance beyond the means of so many individuals and families. I would support being able to purchase insurance across state lines and minimal cost catastrophic coverage.

8. The government has no right to discriminate and I support all government employees being treated equally regardless of sexual orientation or gender. I just want fewer of them!

9. I have been a member of Pink Pistols and fully support the rights of all citizens to protect themselves from aggression. Washington State has an even stronger constitutional amendment regarding the right to keep and bear arms and I fully support it.

10. The idea that a child is less loved or cared for by a gay or lesbian couple is nearly beyond my comprehension, let alone that one state would try to negate the family another state has approved! While Washington has no such discriminatory laws, I would never support adding in such bigotry to our state.

11. At some point I hope the LGBTQ community will stop its "Stockholm-syndrome" slavish support of the Democrats or the internalized-homophobia of the Log Cabin Republicans to realize that the Libertarian Party is the only political party to consistently support the rights of LGBTQ people to live their lives free of self-loathing and discrimination.