Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sue Newell for Governor of New Hampshire

Outright Libertarians are proud to support Sue Newell for Governor of New Hampshire. Her survey responses are below:

1) Yes. Sexual orientation should not be an issue for military service.
Truth is always better than lie, even a lie of omission. Transparency is
the best option for any government endeavor. Military service should
never be a matter of conscription, and no person should ever be placed
in a position of forced association with anyone else.

2) I believe the state should not be involved in marriage at all.
Marriage is a religious sacrament, and I would seek to leave the state
out of either marriages or civil unions, which should be private
contracts between whatever consulting adults choose to enter into them.
I would seek to repeal all laws relating to both marriages or civil
unions. If three adults of whatever gender(s) chose to enter into a
legal agreement with regard to rights as beneficiaries, or for purposes
of medical decision-making, or the sharing or inheritance of wealth, the
state has no business either approving or disapproving it. The state
has no business defining or authorizing relationships based on what
sexual or non-sexual activities are assumed to take place within the
privacy of the home - always provided that only consenting adults are

3) New Hampshire has no income tax, and state civil unions already
provide marriage-equivalent standing within the state for same-sex
couples for other taxation purposes. My ultimate goal would be the
elimination of all income taxes. Meanwhile, I am opposed to any tax
code designed to provide preferential treatment to any class of people\
or any particular activity.

4) Hate crimes are thought crimes. Criminals who do harm to another
should be punished for the harm done and for patterns of repeat offense,
not for which victims they chose. I would support legislation to repeal
RSA 651:6, New Hampshire’s hate crime penalty enhancement.

5) The employer-employee relationship is a private one, and as long as
no fraud or deceit is present, the government should not be interfering
in it, including via discrimination laws.

6) I have committed to calling for a constitutional amendment for the
complete separation of school and state. Without the mantle of
government, the free market will provide for schools that meet the needs
of consumers, and schools that will cater to the specific choices of
their clientele - with regard to staffing, curriculum and everything
else. The state has no business controlling what goes into the minds of
children or in inculcating any particular social message.

7) As governor, I would fight any insurance mandates or regulations that
will increase the cost and reduce choice, and work to roll back existing

8) If elected, I would hire the best people for the jobs - and far fewer
of them than currently employed by the state. Any aspect of a person’s
personality or biology that is irrelevant to their ability to do their
job is irrelevant to the state’s decision to employ them.

9) I am an unconditional supporter of both the federal Second Amendment
and the right to keep and bear arms as enshrined in the New Hampshire
state constitution.

10) The government should not be involved in family relationships except
in extreme cases where there is a demonstrable victim. Parental sexual
preferences and identities do not make anyone a victim.

11) This election is a fine opportunity for voters to vote their
conscience and send a strong, clear pro-freedom message to the political
establishment. Don't compromise on your rights, voting for a politician
who will trample only some of them but promises to protect others; vote
for the candidate who will protect ALL of your rights. Vote
Libertarian, Liberty Sue Newell for Governor.