Monday, March 20, 2006

Dogs, Ponies and Shows...Oh, My!

Again, GLBT Americans are being used as a distraction from Bush's bungles in Iraq.

As detailed in the previous post, "out" gays are being told to stay away from important White House positions, due to "security" concerns. This Administration fears honesty, period. How surprising it thinks good citizens should live a lie! Or that, once again, it portrays us as a threat. We're hardly the only convenient villains in the neocons' cast of enemies.
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Paul Craig Roberts notes in today's Lew, "One can imagine the thoughts in Bush's mind: 'Thank goodness I didn't capture bin Laden. Maybe he will strike again and bail me out.'" See Roberts' entire essay at And if good ol' Osama doesn't cooperate, Bush can always look for his villains closer to home.

But the dog-and-pony shows may no longer be fooling the public. Anthony Gregory also comments quite pointedly on the scapegoating tactics of our desperately-flailing Commander in Chief at Our protectors can't tell the difference between the truly evil and the innocent. We must hope America understands that difference while we still have a nation to protect.