Monday, March 27, 2006

Porkers Line Up—It's Feeding Time Over at Homeland Security

According to Lisa Keen, writing in the Bay Area Reporter (a San Francisco LGBT newspaper), social service grants to faith-based organizations increased 7 percent in 2005 including—get this—the addition of a new office in the department of Homeland Security charged with making it easier for "faith-based and other community organizations" to obtain federal funding to provide "social and community services."

Somehow, and maybe it's just me, I don't get the connection between Homeland Security and social services. But hey, Bush's gotta keep those fat porkers on the religious right fed somehow!
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Here's how those on the LGBT left took the news about continued expansion of the faith-based initiative:
"In our experience, very little" federal funding under Bush's five-year-old program is going to gay groups that provide social and community services,
said Lorri L. Jean, chief executive director of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center. (Is anyone shocked about this, coming from the Bush administration?) Added Jay Smith Brown, director of communication strategies for the Human Rights Campaign,
"We aren't opposed to faith-based funding..."
No indeed. While whining about the potential for these programs to roll back existing civil rights protections as cover, the main problem the left has with them is they think they're getting stuck sucking the hind teat. They're not against more faith-based funding; they just want more of the loot for themselves! But don't worry, our little leftist piglets may be down but not out. After a long struggle with principle, Jean says,
"we decided to go forward with a faith-based partnership."
The only principle either the left or right seems to have remaining is to feed long and hard from the public trough. With all the slurping and sucking sounds coming from the pigs on the Animal Farm, one might think there was a orgy going on there in Washington. There is, and guess who's getting screwed!