Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Castro and Community Standards

Now that Heather and her two mommies want to move into San Francisco's notoriously colorful Castro district, it seems they aspire to scrub it squeaky-clean.

All those sex-themed shops. All those muscular and scantily-clad young men, out and about. Mustn't have the kiddies seeing such things, some gay family-values advocates say (and yes, there are such folks).

One of the latest to weigh in on the brouhaha is If you look at NDT's piece, you can see it's traveled quite a route.

Are not the concepts of federalism and local community standards related? If you want to move to the Castro, why should all the people who already live there change simply to accommodate you?

Same mindset as that of the Eastern city-slickers who evicted the stables from our neighborhood because they didn't like the flies. (And you moved to Arizona WHY?!)

Part of the beauty of living in a free country is that you can choose to live with people you like and not with those you don't. This basic libertarian concept is necessary not only for those who oppose gay rights, but also for those who support them.