Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"Fearing Fear Itself" About Polygamy

Foes of same-sex marriage get much mileage out of threats that legal gay unions would "inevitably" lead to polygamy.

Yet another issue on which libertarian sanity is needed. Those who'd use government force to manipulate behavior dream up endless scenarios of doom to scare us. The fact is that societies where womens' rights are respected and protected have little or no problem with polygamy.

Libertarians oppose the concept of human beings as property. We also encourage calm, rational thinking on the issues ambitious politicians love to color with fear. When cool-headed debate is encouraged, freedom flourishes.

How ironic that the very crowd so bent on keeping women barefoot and pregnant is the same one trying to stir up such "sky-is-falling" hysteria about polygamy.

For a dose of sanity on the issue, check out this Independent Gay Forum column.