Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Gay Republican: Oxymoron, or Just Moron?

Gene Stone over at asks a good question:
Why would any gay man or woman belong to a party that has stated, over and over, as clearly as can be, without equivocation, that he or she is not welcome?
Then he answers his own question:
Today the bottom line is that there simply is no excuse left for any gay man or woman to embrace a party whose prime agenda is to stop him or her from enjoying the same rights as every other American.

Read George Bush's lips: The party doesn't want you. Can you hear that? It doesn't want you. You can't pretend any more that you can change it. It doesn't want you. You can't make a difference. It doesn't want you.
Is that clear enough? (Any Log Cabin Republicans listening?)

On the other hand, we Libertarians want you! We have been LGBT-friendly since our first national platform. And I couldn't begin to name all the gay and lesbian Libertarians who have run for public office, all the way up to the top of the ticket.