Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wisconsin Libertarian Opposes Bigotry; Supports Marriage Equality

Scott Milfred of the Wisconsin State Journal brings us this story about Libertarian Ed Thompson, the former Tomah mayor, current Tomah City Council member, and past Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate (drawing 11% of the state-wide vote). If you've ever met Ed, you know he is not the guy to mince words or hide what he truly believes.
Ed Thompson says the No. 1 issue in Wisconsin this year is defeating a Republican-backed constitutional amendment that would emphatically ban same-sex marriage and similar civil unions.
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The proposed amendment is an "evil thing" that is "so incredibly wrong" it amounts to "lunacy," Thompson declared last weekend at the state Libertarian political convention in Madison.

The GOP-run Legislature is attempting to "pass laws of prejudice against people," Thompson told convention-goers. "If you can accept that, you're not a Libertarian. You're not even an American. You're a bigot."
I'd add that if you are for that, you must be a Republican bigot—if you can accept that, you're likely a Democratic bigot. What self-repecting LGBT person could vote for either of those? Now, back to the Libertarian convention . . .
Thompson's tough talk drew a standing ovation and signaled that public perceptions and political momentum on the controversial issue are changing. [emphasis added]
Thanks Ed, for telling it straight.