Friday, May 19, 2006

Dean apologists are self-loathing

Since 2004, when Bush announced his Federal Marriage Amendment, I've heard lots of Democrats, gay and straight, call all gay Republicans "self-loathing."

And they're right. If you put party politics over your own freedom and dignity as an equal human being, you must not like yourself very much.

But this week, it appears that gay Democrats are the ones in need of some self-esteem, as they're now falling all over themselves to make excuses for Howard Dean and the DNC's recent behavior. From Stonewall Democrat Mark Kvare in the Washington Blade to Advocate reporter Bruce Steele, gay Democrats are trying to peddle the tired old myth that the Democrats are the most gay-friendly political party.
For the Task Force to return a $5,000 donation to a friendly political party that the vast majority of its membership supports is not subtle or smart. It’s the political equivalent of giving the finger and demonstrates to the masses that the leadership’s negotiation and collaboration skills are so remedial that the message strategy is to cut the organization off from the chair of the only party gays are still invited to.

They should be ashamed of themselves. Oh, wait. They already are.