Thursday, May 04, 2006

No White Flags on Battle of Sexes

Could it be the reason America's not ready for a libertarian, gender-neutral approach to criminal justice and political issues is that we're just not ready for the Battle of the Sexes to end?

Take rape, for example. Yes, take it, please. Another boys-against-the-girls catfight is heating up at But in crimes like rape or domestic violence (both of which women can commit, too), what difference does it make who commits it more often, who "started it" or why they do it?

Gay marriage, and gay relationships in general, call us to a vision based upon equality -- one in which each individual is responsible to every other, regardless of gender. Libertarianism does the same. Is the accumulated resentment between heterosexual men and women so overwhelming that they feel greater allegiance to their gender than to an impartial standard of right and wrong?

The Democrats seem to have adopted women, just as the Republicans have men. How much of the rancor between the sexes -- and of anti-gay hysteria -- is rooted in corrupt, statist notions of which sex should "win?"