Thursday, May 11, 2006

Libertarianism: The Invisible Option?

Over at, they are lamenting the lack of a political party that is both pro-gay and pro-free-market.


Why do so many people -- folks who would make fine Libertarians -- look past the Libertarian option as if it weren't even there?

It is true our party doesn't have the money, or the fundraising clout, of either the Republicans or the Democrats. But given adequate support, we could certainly do well enough to win (the Republicans began life as a third party, themselves). Additionally, if people began voting for the best candidates instead of merely the wealthiest -- something nobody can stop them from doing -- against all the conventional odds, Libertarians would begin winning more and more elections.

Money does play a huge role in politics. But psychology counts for even more.

We need to begin seeing our pro-gay-rights, pro-free-market party as a winner. If that idea ever catches on, the Libertarians will be unstoppable.

If it does not catch on, then both the free market and gay rights may be in danger.