Friday, May 12, 2006

Dean lets the cat out of the bag

In an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network News, Howard Dean let it slip what the Democrats' platform on marriage really was in 2004, though this is hardly news to anyone who listened to what Democratic Party candidates like Kerry and Edwards were saying on the issue. The real news is that a national LGBT rights organization (NGLTF) has for the first time stopped ignoring DNC attacks on our community. We'll see if HRC, the Victory Fund, etc. follow suit.

But don't hold your breath for any of these largest national LGBT groups to support Libertarians. Their leadership is too closely tied to Big Government, Big Labor, and Big Media interests to admit that there is any alternative to the two major parties. (Heck, the person hired by Dean to replace the staffer he fired whose partner dared be critical of the DNC is himself a former head of the Victory Fund.) But at least one of these groups ending the silence on longstanding DNC attacks against the LGBT community is a good start.