Monday, July 17, 2006

Hate Crimes in Provincetown—by Gays?

Here's a blog entry adapted from an email from one of our London members, Brian Miller. Everything below the line is from Brian . . .

The heterosexual minority quakes in fear of the gays in Provincetown, and begs for protection against discrimination! :lol: From the column:
more . . .
Town leaders here are holding a public meeting today to air concerns about slurs and bigoted behavior. And this time, they say, it's gay people who are displaying intolerance.

Police say they logged numerous complaints of straight people being called ``breeders" by gays over the July Fourth holiday weekend. Jamaican workers reported being the target of racial slurs. And a woman was verbally accosted after signing a petition that opposed same-sex marriage, they said.
Thank goodness the police are taking a stand against hate speech! This is a very important use of town resources. Said Town Manager Keith Bertman:
Hate language is usually the early-warning signal that could lead to hate-motivated violence. And before that happens, we try to nip it in the bud.
Soon, an epidemic of "breeder-bashing" will commence, driven by "hate speech." We must nip all of this in the bud!

The article goes on to "prove" some awful epidemic of "hate speech":
  • A woman who runs a trolley service signed an anti-gay petition in front of a gay man and was "shocked and angered" to be called a bigot in public. Apparently, she's so upset that she affixed this sign to her trolleys (without irony).

  • Jamaican immigrants are claiming that some people "don't understand their culture" and thus assume they're all homophobes;

  • Catholics claim they're facing "discrimination" because people are publicly disagreeing with them on their religious politics (and there are only a few dozen of them).

This article does the best job I've ever seen of summarizing why touchy-feely lefty "hate speech" laws are so idiotic. Gays are "bashing" straights by taking on some idiot and her business after she signs an anti-gay petition? Her signature of the petition isn't "not loving her neighbor" but someone calling her on it is hateful? People disagreeing with Jamaican dance bands which sing about burning gays alive are "anti-Jamaican racists?"


The irony is, when the Catholic church convened its anti-gay conference near P-town a couple of years ago, the police weren't talking about "growing intolerant hate speech." They were celebrating "free speech."

When local venues hosted Jamaican rap artists who call for "batty boys" to be "stabbed and set alight," not much happened from the P-town police, certainly not a "tolerance conference."

And there's been zero physical violence in P-town against Catholics, Jamaicans, or anti-gay-marriage morons. (I wish the same could be said of gays).

What this article really proves is that Libertarians — and only Libertarians — will set you free. Only Libertarians will resist popular efforts to censor any point of view with government "committees to stop hate speech." Only Libertarians will defend the right of both the trolley driver to express her stupid point of view AND her opponent to call her on it in the town square (without her claiming some horrible victimhood). Only Libertarians will defend the rights of both the Jamaican rap "artists" to sing their schlock AND those who oppose them to protest vigorously.

Liberal Democrats (and conservative Republicans) will look at the electoral numbers and will choose whichever side has the most votes at the time, first amendment be damned. That means gays will lose more often then they win -- and so will everyone else.

Update: More strife in Provincetown.