Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Scouts Waste More Tax Dollars in Court

Some lawyers are getting rich at the expense of the Boy Scouts and the taxpayers. Seems they are going to appeal their loss in the city of Berkeley vs. Sea Scouts case. Outright Libertarian's position on this case is well documented here and here: Berkeley is doing the correct thing in disallowing tax subsidies to the Scouts. We wonder why any private club is getting tax subsidies, and especially so if all citizens are not granted equal access to participate in the benefits.

In a related recent story, Bank of America has stopped contributing to the Scouts because of their blatantly discriminatory policies. We hope the Scouts don't harass BofA with a lawsuit demanding charity at the point of a gun, as they are attempting to do in Berkeley.

We are willing to keep our nose out of the Scouts' business, if they would just do the same for us, the taxpayers.