Thursday, July 06, 2006

Outright Libertarians New Officers

Outright Libertarians (USA) held its annual meeting in conjunction with the Libertarian Party convention this past weekend in Portland where we elected our four officers.

The results were as follows:

Chair — Rob Power (was reelected Chair)
Vice-Chair — Ruth Bennett
Secretary — Rich Newell (was Vice-Chair)
Treasurer — Beau Cain (was Treasurer pro tempore)

You may recall Ruth from her run as governor of Washington in 2004 where she held the balance of power in the election, or in her role as chair of the Washington and Colorado state LP affiliates.

The website will be updated shortly to reflect the changes. A warm welcome to the new officers, and our grateful "thank you" to Doyle Jones, our outgoing Secretary. We all sincerely hope Doyle remains on the ExComm as the Georgia representative.