Thursday, July 20, 2006

How to Tell if a [Democratic] Politician is Lying . . .

"His lips are moving." Or, so goes the familiar saw.

And so it goes for Arkansas Democratic Party candidate for governor, Mike Beebe, who flip-flopped on a promise to the Stonewall Democrats to oppose any laws discriminating against gays as foster or adopted parents. This promise was made shortly before a state supreme court decision that threw out a Child Welfare Board regulation banning gay foster parents. The day following the ruling, Beebe renegged and threw his support in favor of just such a discriminatory bill.

After howls of protest from the Stonewall Democrats, who had endorsed Beebe based upon his commitment, Beebe's spokesman came up with this apologetic "Newspeak" on behalf of his employer:
more . . .
Mike Beebe said he would not sign any unconstitutional legislation or be a party to discrimination. Mike Beebe sticks by those statements.
I am not quite sure how the wannabe governor interprets "being a party to discrimination," but in my book supporting passage of a law that denies rights specifically to gays and lesbians qualifies. Even the state supreme court ruled these rights should be recognized equally for everyone.

Beebe's campaign returned a Stonewall campaign check, and presumably doesn't care about losing the Stonewall endorsement. When will the LGBT community ever learn . . .  Democrats are fair-weather friends — at best.

Without surprise, The GOP gubernatorial nominee (Asa Hutchinson), and also the sitting Republican governor (Mike Huckabee), also support barring gays from fostering. With that kind of succor from the major two parties, it is about time to consider voting Libertarian if you are really serious about equal protection before the law.