Tuesday, October 03, 2006

And So Begins The Pro-Dem Spin

As election 2006 looms, the Democratic Party spin machine is whirling to life yet again, urging gay people to vote Democratic for their fundamental survival and to put the brakes on Republicans.

Unfortunately, there's no reason to believe Democrats' dismal performance on this front over the past five years will change, regardless of the outcome of the midterms.

Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Outright blogger, let's do a little "Fisking" of the common Democratic Party talking points, starting with Richard Rosendall's piece in Bay Windows:

Like demonized foreigners, we represent “the Other” against whom voters are encouraged to direct their fears and frustrations. In any witch hunt, GLBT folk are not safe.

Especially when large numbers of Congressional Democrats vote for the latest anti-gay marriage amendment, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry endorses anti-gay constitutional amendments, and Kerry uses his first major press conference after losing the election to condemn gay marriage equality in his home state, one would suppose.

When Bush endorsed a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage — both in 2004 and last June — he stressed the need for civility and respect, while refusing to mention the people he sought to write out of the Constitution.

Whereas, the Democratic leaders who supported the federal amendment, and Democratic leaders who support state anti-gay amendments including Kerry, are not seeking to disenfranchise people? What of the overwhelming support for DOMA from senior Democrats including Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and Joe Biden?

I suppose gay families are supposed to ignore these votes.

If we are concerned about our nation’s drift toward tyranny and theocracy, then we must ask ourselves what price we are prepared to pay for our liberty. Disillusionment and disengagement from politics are poor substitutes for electing to Congress those likeliest to resist a president who has shown he considers himself above the law.

I agree completely. And considering the complicity of Congressional Democrats in widespread support of Bush's agenda ranging from the Iraq War, to the USA Patriot Act, to anti-gay constitutional amendments, to budget-busting deficit spending, it's imperative that gay people exercise their electoral muscle to send a strong message to Washington. . .

. . . by voting for and electing Libertarians to Congress, rather than rewarding Democrats for their embrace of the Bush agenda on gay issues and civil liberties issues.