Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More Libertarian Candidates

We goofed. When we wrote our bylaws several years ago, we made our candidate endorsement process too slow and bureaucratic. And on top of that, this year we started the process too late to compensate for that bureaucracy.

We'll fix the bylaws at our Spring 2007 annual meeting, in plenty of time for our 2008 endorsements. But in the meantime, there were several 2006 candidates who were not nominated in time but would likely have been endorsed (IMHO) by Outright Libertarians under an improved process. Here are some of those candidates, with links to their websites. Remember that these are not campaigns officially endorsed by the membership of Outright Libertarians, but rather campaigns I personally think may be of interest to you. Please read their websites and decide for yourselves if they deserve your support:
And be sure to see the list of five candidates the membership did endorse in this blog entry.

As a final reminder, the Libertarian Party's platform calls for full equality for LGBT people, including marriage, adoption, and military service. While a small number of candidates do not follow the platform on LGBT issues, these same candidates are likely to not follow the platform on other issues such as immigration and taxes, either. But most Libertarian candidates support the platform and endorse full LGBT equality. So, when in doubt, vote Libertarian!