Monday, October 16, 2006

Outright Libertarians' Endorsments

At a meeting of the general membership held yesterday, October 15th, Outright Libertarians endorsed five candidates for election in their respective races. Nominations were made last month by an Endorsement Committee consisting of all twelve members of the Outright Libertarians Executive Committee which in turn took suggestions for the nominations mainly by email.

Criteria included the candidates positions on issues of interest to the GLBT community, such as same-sex marriage and the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, and their willingness to discuss these issues in their campaign.

The five candidates endorsed, all Libertarian Party members, are:
  • Philip Berg - US Congress, California District 8

  • Bruce Guthrie - US Senate, Washington

  • Mike Nelson - US Congress, Texas District 5

  • David Schlosser - US Congress, Arizona District 1

  • Starchild - Board of Supervisors, San Francisco, CA
Berg, Nelson, and Starchild are Outright Libertarian members with whom, naturally enough, we found large areas of agreement. Guthrie and Schlosser are running high-profile campaigns with Libertarian solutions to GLBT issues prominently featured through single-issue brochures, gay pride festival appearances, web site mention, and etc.

We regret that due to a very aggressive timeline for nominations some deserving candidates were not able to be considered.