Friday, October 27, 2006

Democrats Are Not Your Friends, Episode # 6,321

Non-partisan libertarian law/culture blogger KipEsquire has noted that Jim Corzine, New Jersey's Democratic governor, has predictably opted for the "less than equal option" for New Jersey's gays in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling:

Gov. Jon S. Corzine told legislative leaders on Thursday that he would prefer that New Jersey enact a civil unions law for gay couples rather than allow them to marry.

That prompted attacks from the state's leading gay-rights advocate, who said Mr. Corzine expressed support for same-sex marriage to a gay audience two weeks ago and had repeatedly done so during his 2000 primary campaign for the United States Senate.

Now, we all know how to tell when an old-party politician is lying -- just check to see if his lips are moving -- but considering that Corzine has a court order which provides legitimacy to full marriage equality, and lives in a state where a majority of voters support marriage equality, his position is absolutely craven. Kip is absolutely right to be disgusted by this -- in fact, all gay people should be.
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If Democrats cannot be counted on to deliver equality under the law in states where they have a mandate from the highest court in the jurisdiction -- and a clear majority favoring equality -- what good are they in states where the human rights of gays are still viewed as privileges which can be revoked by a simple majority vote?

Kip advances this theory:
As for voters, being a gay Democrat is not much better than being a gay Republican. The proper course of action for a gay is to be a registered Independent, hopefully with small-l libertarian views.

The best way to combat the two-party system -- and its double-edged "vicious Republicans / hypocritical Democrats" sword is simply by not being a part of it. A pox on both their houses.
Well, we're partisan Libertarian party members, so we'd suggest involvement in the Libertarian party, but regardless of your political affiliation, we suggest you take a look at which party is fighting for your rights.

While Corzine cannot bother to make good on his promise to support gay marriage in New Jersey -- an easy, low-risk proposition -- Libertarians are fighting in Wisconsin, Washington state, and other battlegrounds for your constitutional rights and equality under the law.

Top notch Libertarian Party candidates such as Bruce Guthrie, Ed Thompson, Carla Howell, and hundreds of others, have taken the fight to Democrats and Republicans in the past -- and many more deserve your support today. Outright Libertarians will continue to blog about these candidates over the next several weeks up to election day.

If you're a gay voter fed up with the old-party duopoly, you can send a strong message by standing by the party which stands by you -- the Libertarian Party.