Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day from the Libertarian Party

The Libertarian National Committee and state Libertarian parties from Massachusetts to California are reaffirming their thirty-five-year commitment to marriage equality this Valentine's Day.

In honor of National Freedom to Marry Week, the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts is pleased to reiterate its long-held position that government must not discriminate against same-sex couples in its various marriage laws. We hope that the LGBT community will recognize the Libertarian Party's thirty-five year commitment to equal rights, contrast that with fair-weather friends in the Democratic and Republican Parties (as evidenced by 40 Democrats and 22 Republicans voting for banning same sex marriage in Massachusetts this past January), and decide that now it's time to Vote Libertarian.

As we celebrate Freedom To Marry Week, California Libertarians reemphasize our call to end anti-gay government discrimination and reinforce our party's unwavering commitment to ending DOMA, anti-gay adoption laws, unequal tax treatment, discrimination in inheritance, and other laws targeted at gay American families.

"There is a cloud of sadness hanging over the heads of countless Americans this Valentine's Day," said Libertarian National Committee Chairman William Redpath. "It's certainly more difficult to enjoy that bouquet of roses or box of chocolates from your partner when you realize that your government won't accept your long-term relationship."

Compare that with what the LGBT Democratic Party front groups (like HRC) can get out of their party chairman, Howard Dean, and I think it's obvious that the Libertarian Party remains light years ahead of the Democrats on LGBT equality.

The Libertarian Party is strongly committed to the repeal of state and federal laws and amendments defining marriage, assigning special rights to people based on sexual orientation or gender identification, and laws which deny same-sex partners the rights enjoyed by others, such as adoption of children and spousal immigration. Libertarians hope to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and adamantly oppose any proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

The Libertarian Party would like to wish ALL Americans a Happy Valentine's Day!

Today, I'm proud to be a Libertarian.

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