Sunday, February 25, 2007

They're Gettin' Desperate, Folks

Here's a typical Democratic Party attack on our party.

It's a bit more shrill, desperate, and mean-spirited than usual -- all of which make it rather amusing. It would appear that, after our party took the Democrats out to the woodshed over gay issues, we embarrassed them to the point where they had to publish this sort of claptrap.

Even worse (for the Democrats), they're trying to differentiate themselves from us on social issues! There's actually discussion amongst the follow-up comments (which are a combination of personal attacks on Libertarians and inaccurate nonsense) that claims that Libertarians don't take a stand on issues that aren't important to straight white guys.

Well, this Libertarian pointed them to our party's excellent Valentine's Day press release that proved, yet again, our commitment to gay equality in a way that Democrats simply won't pursue. It has "gone to moderation," so it's not certain if they'll allow me to post in their sandbox. Ergo, I post it here for your benefit:

Ask them about gay marriage and they’ll say “the government shouldn’t be involved in marriage at all.”

This sort of mischaracterization is typical. Here’s the Libertarian Party press release on gay marriage from this month. Get back to me when you Democrats manage to get your national party to make a similar release, OK? :)

Millions of Americans Denied Equal Rights on Valentine’s Day

Some States Provide “Separate But Equal” Policies While Others Still Practice Absolute Discrimination
(Washington, DC) Valentine’s Day is the traditional holiday where loved ones express their affection for each other through the giving of cards and gifts or the sharing of romantic dinners. It is also the most common day for Americans to become married. This Valentine’s Day is an appropriate time to reflect on the millions of Americans who are denied, by law, the same basic rights most people in this country enjoy.

At the federal level and in most of our states, lifelong homosexual partners are not allowed the same property and contractual rights as their heterosexual counterparts. As gay couples in these states aren’t recognized as being married, it impacts their ability to obtain insurance, make health care decisions for each other in times of medical crisis, adopt children and inherit property.

Massachusetts is the only state in the country to treat gay people the same as everyone else. Hawaii, California, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey and the District of Columbia provide “Separate But Equal” policies in the form of civil unions or domestic partnerships. Most states don’t honor same-sex marriages or civil unions granted in other states.

“There is a cloud of sadness hanging over the heads of countless Americans this Valentine’s Day,” said Libertarian National Committee Chairman William Redpath. “It’s certainly more difficult to enjoy that bouquet of roses or box of chocolates from your partner when you realize that your government won’t accept your long-term relationship. Hopefully, Americans will use Freedom to Marry Week to reflect on equality in marriage issues. We’ve eliminated our racist marriage laws, but not those that discriminate based on sexual preference or identity. Perhaps some day the government will treat all people, black and white and gay and straight, exactly the same.”

Libertarians call for real equality for gay marriage on Valentine’s Day — Howard Dean goes on the 700 Club to bash gay marriage; Hillary Clinton announces her strong support for DOMA; John Kerry calls his only gay-issues press conference to condemn gay marriage in Massachusetts.

If liberal Democrats want to attack Libertarians on social issues, I assure you that our party won’t come out waving the white flag.

Let's start by noting the obvious fact that Democrats so often appear to define "diversity" as Democrats excluding, insulting and/or bullyragging anyone with the temerity to disagree with them -- Libertarians, Greens, Republicans or independents alike.

Such faux-diversity is indicated by their "count every hanging chad for Gore because every vote counts" campaign that included spending millions of dollars to prevent Libertarians, Greens and independent candidates from running against Democrats across the country -- including using a civil lawsuit to bankrupt a Green Party executive in Pennsylvania who had the temerity to dare to try and run for office against them. What happened to "count every vote?" What happened to "every vote matters?" What happened to civil rights, the right to vote, the free market of ideas, democracy, and diversity?

Oh, don't be silly. To Democratic activists, those things only matter when Democrats are having them violated by Republicans. Diversity, honesty, and the free market of ideas don't extend to others in their world -- and the linked article is the latest proof of the same old Democratic hypocrisy.

The fact is, when Democrats attack Libertarians, it's because they're running scared. They know that we're holding them accountable for their decision to keep the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. They know we're holding them accountable for Democrats' anti-gay comments (including those from Howard Dean's recent appearance on right-wing Christian conservative talk shows). They know that we're holding them accountable for their president, Bill Clinton, enshrining anti-gay bigotry into federal law. They know that we're pointing out the absurd stances of their candidates, who claim to support DOMA and federal recognition of civil unions at the same time (despite the fact that DOMA obviates all federal recognition of same-sex families). They know that we're pointing out that neither Hillary Clinton, nor John Edwards, nor Barack Obama have any substantive commentary on gay issues on their web site (in fact, a recent search for the word "gay" on those three candidates' sites turned up not a single result).

Contrast that to Harry Browne's passionate defense of the rights of gay people -- or Michael Badnarick's status as the only major national presidential candidate to participate in a gay pride parade (the largest one, in San Francisco), and you can see why they're pointing and shooting at us.

In short, they know that we're the only national party that will make real "equality" under the law a reality.

And they cannot take the pressure. Deep down, I believe they're starting to sense that their free ride on LGBT issues has come to an end.

So they lie and engage in the sort of general attack-dog politics that they squealed about when Karl Rove deployed it against them.

I've got a whole heaping helping of bad news for them though -- unlike the Democrats who cower in the face of having to take real positions on issues, we've made our stances public and consistent. The Libertarian Party has publicized them in the most unambiguous ways. Every month our membership grows. Every election, our candidates -- not the Democrats -- own the bully pulpit on gay rights.

Worse still for Democrats -- on issues important to LGBT people, and indeed all Americans, we've got a vision that more and more Americans are rallying behind. They have. . . well. . . lame excuses for their pathetic record in government, coupled with even lamer insults towards the folks holding them honest.

Worst of all for Democrats -- we've only just begun. :)

Hat tip to nonpartisan blogger KipEsquire for his heads up to this Democratic desperation.