Monday, February 26, 2007

Baseball Player Pee -- More Important To Democrats Than LGBT Rights

Wow, you'd figure after receiving a thorough evisceration over their lousy excuses on gay rights, the Democrats would stop damaging themselves.

Then again, this is the party led by Howard Dean, who seems addicted to the flavor of his own foot.

Yesterday, I mentioned Democrats' claim that, while they'd love to focus on gay rights, there are more pressing concerns. Those "pressing concerns" included building monuments on remote islands, naming federal buildings, and banning internet gambling. But now Democrats are getting ready to step up to a new, even more important issue. . . steroid use in baseball:

Giants slugger Barry Bonds and other baseball players under suspicion of using performance enhancing drugs have been asked by Major League Baseball's lead steroids investigator to turn over medical records and submit to interviews.

A letter urging the cooperation of Bonds and other players was sent Feb. 1 by former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, who is leading baseball's steroids inquiry. The letter, the San Francisco Chronicle reported, was accompanied by medical waiver forms that, if signed, would allow investigators to view Bonds' and other players medical records.

Members of Congress have told Mitchell they might might intervene if baseball's own investigation is hampered by lack of player cooperation.

Apparently, our esteemed Congresscritters in Nancy Pelosi's House of Representatives are planning lengthy public hearings -- complete with subpoenas -- to demand that baseball players submit their private medical records, as well as urine samples, to the Major League Baseball corporations to "clear the air."

Where are the hearings on gays in the military -- such as the two-dozen gay linguists fluent in Arabic who were fired at a time of huge shortages in linguists, simply because they're gay? Completely off the table.

Is Ms. Pelosi planning on subpoenaing anti-gay state officials who are breaking up gay families in Oklahoma or voiding health care benefits for LGBT public employees in Michigan? Not hardly.

What about debating the impact that the federal DOMA, with its blanket ban on recognition of democratically-decided state gay partnership bills, like in Connecticut? Not in this lifetime, buddy.

Simply put, Democrats from Howard Dean all the way down the line are demonstrating through their actions that they don't give a whit about gay equality in any area.

It's so pathetic that it reads like something out of a Saturday Night Live parody, but amazingly, it's completely true. The new Democratic Congress under Nancy Pelosi is more focused on subPEEnaing jars of urine from baseball players than in protecting the constitutional rights of American citizens.

That should make for an interesting campaign issue come 2008, no?

Then again, I guess it is a small positive change. Washington's political class will be demanding someone else's urine, rather than spraying theirs all over the populace.