Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Please don't let NGLTF follow HRC as a DNC parrot

I was very proud of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force last May when they took a stand and returned a DNC check after Howard Dean stabbed queer America in the back.

But the Task Force's latest press release, on Bush's budget, has me worried. While they're absolutely right that continued war spending is a "perversion," I'm concerned when they say:

We look forward to working with Congress to restore some of the drastic cuts that have been made in the past few years in social service programs and support a budget that reflects the true needs of America.

Let's all make this very clear to NGLTF -- that queer does not equal socialist. Big government throughout history has done great harm to sexual minorities. Our best hope for equality is to constrain the power of government, and that starts by constraining the budget of government.

Big spending may help Democratic politicians like Howard Dean further their careers, but it doesn't help LGBT folks in the least. HRC has already chosen Democratic politicians over LGBT equality. Let's hope NGLTF doesn't make the same mistake.